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Omar Suleiman Named Ethical Advisor

Omar Suleiman Named Ethical Advisor

ShariaPortfolio announced that Imam Omar Suleiman has joined the firm as an Ethical Advisor. At ShariaPortfolio, he plans to educate the Muslim community about the virtues of investing in Islam and following Halal Rizq, or the practice of assuring one’s income be 100% lawful.

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Shariah-compliant asset management in North America

Shariah-compliant asset management in North America

(ISLAMIC FINANCE NEWS: October 7, 2020) As Muslims have become more  affluent, the need for more Islamic products and  services  became apparent. First-generation Muslims in North America were usually not that concerned about retirement accounts or company 401(k) plans....

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How Presidential Elections Affect the Stock Market

How Presidential Elections Affect the Stock Market

Do presidential elections affect the stock market? Every four years there is a convergence between US politics and investments. Since the beginning of exchange traded securities, there has been a continuous debate about the correlation of politics and market...

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Interest-free microfinancings

Interest-free microfinancings

Reprinted from Islamic Finance News No doubt about it, COVID-19 has hit the US economy hard. Approximately 26 million Americans have lost their jobs — and with 58% of Americans having less than US$1,000 in savings, it is safe to say that many in the country are under...

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Webinar: Year in Review and Looking Ahead!

How time flies… 2020 is almost done.
ShariaPortfolio was hard at work all year and we’ve got some great news and updates to share with you. Join our team for a review of 2020, outlook for 2021, and a discussion on how we’re making a difference in the Sharia-Compliant and ethical investing space.

Webinar: Planned Charitable Giving

We all give to charities as part of our faith and humanity. What if our giving was planned and organized that it has lasting impact for you, your community and future generations?

Moderator: Aliredha Walji, ShariaPortfolio
Yaser Ali, Attorney-at-Law
Arman Chowdhury, Arman CPA
Walid Hamadeh, IRUSA

Blessings of a Halal Lifestyle with Imam Dr. Omar Suleiman

A halal lifestyle brings a lot of rewards and blessings, some we may see and experience, many we may not be aware of. So what are some of these blessings and how do we increase them?

Imam Dr. Omar Suleiman, Ethical Advisor, ShariaPortfolio provides insights on the blessings of a halal lifestyle.

Passive or Active: Which strategy is best for you?

What is your investment strategy? Passive or Active? ETFs or Stocks? Which strategy is best for you and what will work in the current market? Let’s help you get to the bottom of these questions and on top of your financial goals.

Speakers: Aliredha Walji, Vice President and  Karim Elgabry, Portfolio Manager

We’ll be asked about four things
by Imam Omar Suleiman, Ethical Advisor, Shariaportfolio 

Responsible Finance: Investing, Zakat, Sadaqa and Financial Liabilities
Learn how to balance wealth, investing, liabilities and zakat with Sh. Aarij Anwer.

Read more about Zakat by Sh. Aarij Anwer 

Halal Investing and Estate Planning

Investing, tax planning, and estate planning are all important financial mechanisms for ensuring continued wealth management and preservation. This webinar is focused on estate planning and how it can help you to protect your wealth and ensure a smooth transition to your heirs and beneficiaries.

Presenter: Umar Sheikh, Principal, Offit-Kurman Attorneys at Law

Wealth with Purpose: Investments and Zakat
What is the purpose of wealth in Islam? What’s our priority with money? Get insights on these questions and more from with Shaykh Aarij Anwer
– How does Islam view wealth
– Principles of Shariah Compliant Investments
– Zakat on investments
Presenter: Shaykh Aarij Anwer
Investing the halal way. Start this Ramadan
Ramadan is a time for heightened spiritual awareness. Our investments should also reflect our values and goals. Learn how you can now become a halal investor as Ramadan dawns nears.

Presenter: Aliredha Walji, Vice President, USA

Omar Suleiman has joined ShariaPortfolio as an Ethical Advisor. Read More > 

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