We are excited to have Shaykh Umer Khan, our new Sharia Advisor as a valuable addition to the ShariaPortfolio team.

Shaykh Umer Khan has extensive expertise in Finance, investing, and Islamic law and ethics with regard to finance and investing. He will be working to help us with developing a more concrete framework for Sharia screening, reviewing our operations and portfolios to have better alignment with AAOIFI guidelines. InshaAllah we hope this helps increase confidence with our clients in regard to Sharia compliance.

Shaykh Umer Khan graduated with the highest marks in his class in his formal Shahādah al-‘Ālimiyyah degree (License in Islamic Scholarship, i.e. ʻālim program) from Al-Salam Institute, authorized by Dar al-ʻUlūm Nadwat al-ʻUlamā’, Lucknow, India. He also completed a traditional Dars-e-Niẓāmī dawrah of the six canonical books of ḥadīth. Shaykh Umer completed his iftā’ (License to Give Islāmic Legal Verdicts) from Darulifta Birmingham, granting him the traditional title of ‘mufti’. He has a Master’s in Finance (from Wharton, UPenn) and another Master’s in Islamic Finance and he holds several professional certifications and qualifications in Islamic Finance.

Shaykh Umer teaches the Islamic sciences at seminaries (Institute of Knowledge, Al-Salam Institute, and Critical Loyalty), researches and writes fatwās (legal verdicts) for various institutions, and serves as a sharīʻah advisor to a number of companies.