Lake Mary, FL – Jan. 7, 2022 – On January 1, Aliredha Walji welcomed his new role as the CEO of ShariaPortfolio, a leading wealth management firm in the USA. Founder and CEO of ShariaPortfolio, Naushad Virji, passes the baton to Aliredha Walji as he embarks on the growth and expansion of ShariaPortfolio Canada and SP Funds.

Aliredha joined the firm in 2014 and worked his way up from Regional Manager to managing the advisor team, which has seen a doubling in the AUM growth in the USA. In 2018, he was appointed Vice President of the company, and in 2019, took on the additional position of serving as the company’s Chief Compliance Officer.

“ShariaPortfolio USA is in a strong position in the market and with the focused, experienced and knowledgeable leadership that Aliredha brings, I am sure it will become an even stronger brand and provide a higher level of quality service to clients,” commented Naushad Virji, Founder and Former CEO.

Aside from ongoing contributions to the ShariaPortfolio blog, Aliredha has also served as US Correspondent at Islamic Finance News and has been featured on Forbes as well as US News and World Report. Aliredha will be leading the business forward as Naushad Virji focuses on Canada and international expansion.

“I am humbled to take on the role of CEO this week at a company that does such impactful and meaningful work. I am grateful to Naushad for his years of mentorship and insight, and to the Board of Directors for the trust they have placed in me to take ShariaPortfolio to the next level. The hard work that built our foundation will serve as a springboard for us as we work to grow to even greater heights,” commented Aliredha Walji, CEO.

“We are being faced with many obstacles including the global pandemic. As we navigate various market cycles, I am committed to ensuring we continue to offer excellent service without compromising on values. The Halal investing industry is evolving in exciting ways, we are ready to help investors capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead,” added the newly minted CEO.

ShariaPortfolio offers professionally managed investment solutions that help Muslims achieve their financial goals while honoring their personal values. ShariaPortfolio provides a full range of investment options, including our digital Express robo-advisor, Access comprehensive personal wealth management, 401(k) retirement plans, Endowments, and Institutional service for advisors who wish to offer halal options to their clients.

With over 19 years of experience working in diverse market conditions, ShariaPortfolio (, applies a rigorous research and analytics approach to wealth management, focusing on value investing for long-term results. ShariaPortfolio Canada (, a sister company, offers professional Sharia-compliant investment services in Canada and many countries around the world; and SP FUNDS (, an affiliated company, is the home of North America’s largest family of Sharia-compliant ETFs.