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Blessings of a Halal Lifestyle

A special presentation by Imam Dr. Omar Suleiman

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WEBINAR: Savings, Investments and Zakat – Let’s help you break it down

Do you have stocks and investments? Learn how to calculate Zakat on your savings and investments. We’ll break it down step by step for you.

• Sh. Aarij Anwar, Imam and Islamic Scholar
• Sh. Umer Khan, Sharia Advisor, ShariaPortfolio
• Aliredha Walji, CEO, ShariaPortfolio

The Ethical Way to Invest

ShariaPortfolio is a boutique asset management firm specializing in socially responsible and halal investing.

  • Comprehensive wealth management solutions that align with the Muslim faith
  • Clients achieve their life goals in accordance with their personal values.
  • Among the first wealth managers to deliver Islamic financial solutions in the USA
  • Uphold halal ethical standards in all our investment choices. 
  • Take a long-term perspective and a highly disciplined approach to wealth management
  • Provide a full range of investment solutions for clients across the globe.

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A comprehensive wealth management service


A Sharia-compliant robo-advisor service


A Sharia-compliant 401(k) retirement plan


An institutional service for investment advisors

Recent Videos

Webinar: Year in Review and Looking Ahead!

How time flies… 2020 is almost done.
ShariaPortfolio was hard at work all year and we’ve got some great news and updates to share with you. Join our team for a review of 2020, outlook for 2021, and a discussion on how we’re making a difference in the Sharia-Compliant and ethical investing space.

Webinar: Planned Charitable Giving

We all give to charities as part of our faith and humanity. What if our giving was planned and organized that it has lasting impact for you, your community and future generations?

Moderator: Aliredha Walji, ShariaPortfolio
Yaser Ali, Attorney-at-Law
Arman Chowdhury, Arman CPA
Walid Hamadeh, IRUSA

Blessings of a Halal Lifestyle with Imam Dr. Omar Suleiman

A halal lifestyle brings a lot of rewards and blessings, some we may see and experience, many we may not be aware of. So what are some of these blessings and how do we increase them?



ShariaPortfolio Announces New CEO, Aliredha Walji

Lake Mary, FL - Jan. 7, 2022 – On January 1, Aliredha Walji welcomed his new role as the CEO of ShariaPortfolio, a leading wealth management firm in the USA. Founder and CEO of ShariaPortfolio, Naushad Virji, passes the baton to Aliredha Walji as he embarks on the...

Interest-free microfinancings

Reprinted from Islamic Finance News No doubt about it, COVID-19 has hit the US economy hard. Approximately 26 million Americans have lost their jobs — and with 58% of Americans having less than US$1,000 in savings, it is safe to say that many in the country are under...

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