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Essential benefit for companies seeking to attract and retain high-value employees.

ShariaPortfolio’s turnkey 401(k) plans are designed to help your employees save for a more secure retirement. Offering a wide range of halal mutual funds, ShariaPortfolio 401(k) plans may also enable companies and employees to access certain tax advantages.


401(k) Plans

Islamic law mandates that investments adhere to Sharia, applying a socially-responsible screen to business activities and only accepting companies that receive less than 5% of their total income from non-compliant income sources.

There’s a disconnect between companies and their employees: 74% of 401(k) plan participants want access to ESG funds (Natixis), while less than 8% of company-sponsored retirement plans include even a single ESG fund option on their investment menu (InvestmentNews).

Sharia-compliant investing is a subset of SRI (socially responsible investing) and ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing, allowing your plan participants to achieve their retirement goals while conforming to their personal values.

Convert Your Company’s Plan

Converting your 401(k) plan only takes 15 minutes

Your company can convert your current 401(k) plan to a Sharia-compliant 401(k) plan, managed by ShariaPortfolio, right at your desk in 15 minutes or less. By partnering with ePlan, ShariaPortfolio is able to offer an intuitive online application and retirement solution that is both cost-effective and easy to use.

Two-Month Conversion Timeline:

  1. 15-Minutes: Online Conversion
  2. 1-3 Days: Current Platform Termination & Approval
  3. 30-45 Days: Blackout period
  4. Asset & Records Transfer, Reconciliation
  5. 1-2 Days: Asset Investment & Final Data Collection


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A Sharia-compliant 401(k) retirement plan

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