ShariaPortfolio Announces New CEO, Aliredha Walji

ShariaPortfolio Announces New CEO, Aliredha Walji

Lake Mary, FL - Jan. 7, 2022 – On January 1, Aliredha Walji welcomed his new role as the CEO of ShariaPortfolio, a leading wealth management firm in the USA. Founder and CEO of ShariaPortfolio, Naushad Virji, passes the baton to Aliredha Walji as he embarks on the...

Interest-free microfinancings

Interest-free microfinancings

Reprinted from Islamic Finance News No doubt about it, COVID-19 has hit the US economy hard. Approximately 26 million Americans have lost their jobs — and with 58% of Americans having less than US$1,000 in savings, it is safe to say that many in the country are under...


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