By Devin Thorpe
May 1, 2019

Impact investing is not just growing, it is evolving. At the same time, the definition of the practice is being shaped and molded by new products and practices, creating tension among some players about what it is and what it should be…

Aliredha Walji, vice president of ShariaPortfolio, Inc., suggested that fund managers, in fact, have an obligation to use capitalism for good. “Impact Investing is moving the needle in the direction towards creating a more just and equitable society, where the bottom line is not the only factor being considered. Rather, it takes into consideration the effects of our actions on our environment. As practitioners in this space, we have a moral obligation towards our clients to keep in mind the world we are living in, and to try to use our platforms to enable good without compromising on values.”

Excerpt from Forbes article, May 1, 2019

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