By Ed McCarthy
September 15, 2015

Private client wealth management firms like to emphasize their role in helping clients achieve financial and life goals. That makes sense. It is the clients’ money after all, and satisfied clients’ fees pay the bills. But, according to Mark Tibergien, CEO and managing director at Pershing Advisor Solutions in Jersey City, New Jersey, the best wealth management firms also have a “very clear value proposition.” These businesses, which include both investment managers and financial planners, show clients why they should work with the firm instead of emphasizing products, processes, or services.

Naushad Virji, CEO of ShariaPortfolio in Lake Mary, Florida, says that the screens for sharia compliance also appeal to socially responsible and conservative investors.

“This is not necessarily a religious thing,” he explains. “It’s derived from religious principles, but three-quarters of the people utilizing it are non-Muslim. They’re not in it because of religion; they’re in it because this is a great way to hedge against leverage.” Kaiser provides a similar statistic and estimates that less than 20% of the Amana funds’ investors are Muslims.

Excerpt from CFA Institute article.

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