ShariaPortfolio Express

Express service is a simple way to get started with a portfolio that’s designed to help you achieve your financial goals. ShariaPortfolio has made getting started very easy by setting up an automated online investment program (also known as robo-advisor service) that can allow you to determine your risk profile, open an account and get placed in an appropriate investment model in one sitting. With a low minimum investment of $1,000, this is an ideal solution for those getting started or anyone that’s comfortable with a pre-designed automated investment model.

If you’re already an Express client, click here to login to your account now.

ShariaPortfolio Express offers the following:

  • Automated account opening and self-service
  • Economical solution that costs less than most wealth management services
  • Investment models developed by experienced professional money managers
  • Ability to seamlessly transition to the ShariaPortfolio Access service anytime
  • Low minimum investment amount of $1,000

How to get started:

  1. Create an account on our Express service website and follow the directions.
  2. If you have any questions, email

If you are investing $100,000 or more and would like assistance from a dedicated financial advisor, please consider our ShariaPortfolio Access service.