ShariaPortfolio Access

Access service is a comprehensive wealth management solution that helps you achieve your financial goals. Access clients demand greater attention and customization to build and manage their wealth. These clients have access to a dedicated professional financial advisor and an experienced client service team to handle all of their needs.

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ShariaPortfolio Access offers the following:

  • Access to a dedicated licensed financial advisor
  • Access to an experienced client service team
  • Access to alternative assets (real estate, commodities, LLC’s, etc.)
  • Access to fully customizing your portfolios for your individual needs and preferences
  • Access to a sophisticated client portal where you can view your returns, monitor your net worth, set goals and view all of your financial accounts (including accounts at other firms) in one place

How to get started:

  1. Complete our new client questionnaire.
  2. Email a copy of any statements for accounts  you may want to transfer to
  3. Speak with one of our professional financial advisors to determine the type of accounts and strategies that are suitable for you. An advisor will contact you after receiving your questionnaire and statement copies.

Please note the minimum investment amount to be eligible for the Access level service is $100,000. If you aren’t ready for this level of investment yet, please consider our Express service which has no minimum investment level.