New Account

Are you ready to open your first ShariaPortfolio account?

Step 1 – Meet an Advisor

The first step is to meet with a professional ShariaPortfolio investment advisor. This free, no-obligation consultation can take place in a face-to-face meeting at one of our offices or over the telephone. Your ShariaPortfolio advisor can offer you an individual or group presentation that explains our philosophies about investing and our views on the stock market. We’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have.

Once you’re ready to proceed with opening an account, your ShariaPortfolio advisor will develop an Investment Policy Statement specific to your financial goals, risk tolerance and personal preferences. We can also help identify which types of accounts to open for you.

If you already have existing accounts at another firm, please bring complete copies of all your recent statements.

Step 2 – Open an Account

We will prepare all the paperwork required to open your accounts. This may include the following forms:

  • Account Application(s)
  • Investment Advisory Agreement
  • Letter of Authorization (to avoid riba/interest)
  • Transfer Form (if transferring account from another firm)

After signing the above forms, we will work towards opening your account(s) and handling transfers from other firms, if any.

Step 3 – Login and Get Started

After successfully opening your account, you will be assigned a user name and password so that you can access your account online right from our website. Just click the word “Login” in the above menu bar anytime to view your account.

You will receive monthly statements to keep you informed about activity in your account. You will also receive quarterly reports which will detail your investment performance. Our investment advisors are here to serve you! Please don’t hesitate to contact your advisor with any questions or concerns you may have.

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