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TrueTalk Radio

(Excerpt from newsletter): “We were excited to have the opportunity to appear on the TrueTalk Radio Show in Tampa, Florida. Ahmed and his listeners had some excellent questions about Islamic investing and gave us a chance to talk about our views. Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah provide interesting discussions and interviews on TrueTalk every week. You can subscribe to the podcast in the iTunes Store by searching for TrueTalk. We appeared on the 6/25/10 show.”


Five Star Wealth Manager

ShariaPortfolio is excited to announce that Naushad Virji will be featured as a 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager named in providing exceptional service to clients!

Of the 10,700 licensed Wealth Manager’s in the Orlando area, 2,936 were nominated by their firm or another peer for the Five Star Wealth manager award, after further review of 10 objective criteria (client retention for 1 & 5 years, AUM, number of years in the industry, and others), Five Star Professional chose the top 3%, 306 award winners for 2013 that they felt provided the highest quality service to clients. The award recipients will be recognized for their exceptional service to their clients in the May 2013 issue of Orlando Magazine. The Five Star award recognizes Wealth Management Professionals for their exceptional service to their clients. This award is the most widely published award for Wealth Managers in United States and Canada for client satisfaction.


Guiding Clients Who Are Guided by Faith

Most advisors don’t have to choose between respecting clients’ religious beliefs and maximizing their wealth. But sometimes a situation comes up where faith and finance intersect. Some religions forbid adherents from making certain types of investments; others require that believers set aside a portion of income for charity or to support their organization. Advisors who have handled such situations say that doing so with grace and creativity can earn unusually deep client loyalty — or even turn prospects into ❯Read more


AMCC ShariaPortfolio


Muslim advisors help observant clients invest the Islamic way

Shortly before the start of Ramadan—the Muslim holy month, marked by sunrise-to-sundown fasting, which fell in July this year—the calls to Naushad Virji’s office started. His financial-planning clients were ready to make their large yearly donations to the poor, a practice called ❯Read more


Muslim advisors help observant clients invest the Islamic way

ShariaPortfolio Inc’s CEO Naushad Virji was interviewed by Al Jazeera’s Ali Velshi to explain how socially-responsible investing appeals to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


Your PRACTICE-How advisers can help Muslim clients invest with faith

Feb 6 (Reuters) – U.S. advisers who are not alert to the special investing needs of Muslims are missing an attractive segment of the investing populace.

The U.S. Muslim population is expected to reach 6.2 million by 2030, almost three times the nation’s 2.6 million Muslims in 2010, the Pew Research Center estimates.

Muslim-Americans are younger and better educated than the average U.S. citizen, according to Gallup data. Moreover, they want to see a ❯Read more


Investing Options Grow for Muslims

U.S. Muslims who don’t want to profit from interest or invest in certain types of businesses have an increased number of choices.

A growing number of options address the special investing needs of Muslims. The U.S. Muslim population is expected to reach 6.2 million by 2030, almost three times the ❯Read more