About ShariaPortfolio

Sharia-Compliant Investing

ShariaPortfolio, Inc. is a boutique asset management firm specializing in Sharia-compliant investing. We believe in carefully maintaining social responsibility and emphasizing ethics in our investment choices. We completely avoid industries related to alcohol, tobacco, pornography and gambling. In accordance with Islamic principles, we also shun pork and interest-based finance. Businesses whose operations are highly leveraged are also avoided.

Independent Advice

We embrace our role as a fiduciary, a responsibility that means we always act with your best interest in mind. As a fiduciary, we are different from traditional firms. Most brokers, bankers and money managers make a commission when they invest your assets. As a fee-only advisor, we have a different approach. Our independence ensures that you receive unbiased expertise with no conflicts of interest.

Investment Strategies

We apply our years of experience and diligent research process to deliver a time-tested strategy to help you achieve your financial goals. We offer a long-term investment perspective that comes from years of managing our clients’ assets through a variety of up and down market cycles. Call us for a free consultation.

Personalized Service

We help you determine the appropriate investment strategy for you by asking questions to determine your financial goals and risk tolerance. Your portfolio is then customized according to your unique requirements.

Our Mission

ShariaPortfolio offers professionally managed investment solutions for Muslims, to help achieve their financial goals while conforming to their personal values.


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